Tools that make learning Bible verses easy and fun! 

The audio CD will read each verse to you a couple of times then give you a chance to say it yourself.  It will read the verse one more time so you can make sure you got it right.  It's a great way to learn Bible verses!  

Topic 1:  Salvation

Be ready! You never know when you may encounter someone who is ready to accept the incredible gift of salvation in Jesus. With this set, you will learn 10 verses that walk through the salvation message. To listen to samples and buy the CD, visit CD Baby

Topic 2:  Overcoming Lusts of the Flesh

Be armed! When temptation comes near, be prepared with these 10 scriptures that emphasize the importance of walking in the Spirit. Hide these verses in your heart to help you be more than a conqueror.  To listen to samples and buy the CD,  visit  CD Baby

How It Started

One night I fell asleep while listening to an audio Bible. When I woke up, the MP3 player had moved on to a foreign language instruction program. I thought, "I wish you could learn scripture the way foreign languages are taught."

Since that night, I have felt compelled to create just such a product. Later I added the workbook and flash cards when I discovered how much it helped me to learn the verses.

Give it a try, I truly believe it helps make learning Bible verses easy and fun! 

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom...  

Colossians 3:16 (NKJV)