Free Stuff

This page contains free, downloadable resources to help you in your Christian journey. 

Right-click the file links and select "Save target as" to save the files to your computer.  I hope these resources are a blessing to you!

I use the Memorize Scripture - On the Go! methods when I am trying to memorize Bible verses. I combine these three learning tactics:

  1. I record myself speaking the verse, then I make a CD of the verses repeated several times.  I use this to practice in my car or while getting ready in the morning. 
  2. I write the verses out by hand on a piece of paper every so often. Typing them on a PC doesn't count! 
  3. I post the verses on my refrigerator and near my computers at home and work.  This helps to remind me to practice them throughout the day. 

The files below are files I made for myself to help me learn particular verses.  The recordings are not professional quality and they contain my hillbilly accent - but they are free!  I hope they are a blessing to you.