When God Makes Us Shine

When God Makes Us Shine

My mother is a dedicated runner.  She runs in all kinds of conditions – including many miles on the narrow shoulder of the busy highway near her home.   The edge of this highway is a mixture of gravel, weeds, and asphalt.  During one run, she saw something shining from the midst of the roadside debris.  She almost ran past, but decided to stop and investigate.  It turned out to be a high-quality Cubic Zirconia gemstone.  I am still amazed that she saw that tiny gem shining among the millions of rocks along the highway.

Now you are the body of Christ, and members individually. – 1 Corinthians 12:27 (NKJV)

This verse comes very shortly before the well-known passage in which Paul speaks of the importance of love.  Paul tells us that though he may have great understanding, skills, or great gifts – without love they are worth nothing.  I believe that as the body of Christ, God wants us to show love to one another – sometimes in very specific ways.  I believe that He uses the Holy Spirit to direct us in this if we will cooperate with Him. 

You may be going about your daily life when suddenly a person around you seems to shine as if they are in a spotlight.  You suddenly have a new understanding of difficulties they are facing, or feel an urge to encourage them in some way.   This is the body of Christ in action.  It is a beautiful part of following Jesus. 

I believe that God makes people shine just like that gem shined at my mother from the side of the road.  She could have kept on running, but she stopped and went back.  This is what our Lord wants from us when he makes a person in our lives shine.  It is our chance to stop, take a closer look, and ask Him what we might to do show His love to this person He placed in our path.