The God of Glory Thunders

The God of Glory Thunders

This month I did something that no self-respecting Oklahoman should do.  One cloudy spring evening I began a long drive across the state without checking the weather.  When you live in tornado alley in the spring, regularly checking the weather is basic common sense.

That night I was in a hurry to start my trip immediately after work.  Without thinking, I jumped in my car and headed out just as a heavy rain started to fall.  Within thirty minutes I was caught in a violent storm on the Interstate.  The storm pounded my car with hail, surrounded me with flashes of lightening, shook the vehicle with strong winds, and dumped pounding rain so heavy it almost completely blocked my view.  After what seemed like an hour, I was finally able to exit the highway.  I found a tiny bit of shelter under an awning where I immediately checked the weather. There were tornadoes in the towns just ahead of me, with another storm bringing flash floods coming up behind me.

In my rational mind I know that God is bigger, stronger, and more majestic than my human brain can comprehend.  That fearful night I felt in my bones how small I am in comparison to the God of the Universe.  It was just a glimpse, but it was a great reminder of how completely I rely on God for every breath that enters my lungs.  It made me think of Isaiah’s exclamation when he encountered God, “Woe is me, for I am undone!” (Isaiah 6:5)

Give unto the LORD the glory due to His name; Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.  The voice of the LORD is over the waters; The God of glory thunders; The LORD is over many waters. The voice of the LORD is powerful; The voice of the LORD is full of majesty. - Psalm 29: 2 – 4 (NKJV)

The Lord kept me safe that night.  I waited out the second storm, returned home, and easily made the trip the following day – after first checking the weather!  I hope the reminder I got of God’s great power will stay with me for a very long time.  This memory will help me sincerely give to the Lord the glory due His great name.