Television: Satan's Best Tool Ever

Television: Satan's Best Tool Ever

After an evening of watching TV, ask yourself these questions:

  • Was that time well spent?
  • Do I feel better for having done that?
  • What does God think about the things I just watched?

If any of your answers bring a feeling of discontent to your spirit, perhaps that is God stirring your heart to break away from television. God did this for my husband and me in 2006. We still own a TV but it does not get any reception. We use it for exercise videos and the occasional well-selected movie. Life without television has been a beautiful, liberating experience for us. We now spend more time together. We read, take walks, and share what we’re learning in our Christian walk.

These days, free time is a precious asset. You could easily describe it as a treasure. The Bible tells us in both Matthew and Luke, Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. So often this scripture is applied to money. I propose this scripture also rings true when applied to our time. Compare the number of hours per week you spend watching television to the number of hours pursuing God. When I did this, I found my answer to be very humbling.

What would happen if all of the Christians in America said no to the constant stream of ungodliness pouring into our homes by turning off the television? This ungodliness is going straight into our minds and most importantly, the minds of our children. It is power we are giving away to those who create the programs: the power to tell us what to think, who to believe, and who to ridicule.

Advertisements are created with the single goal of making us feel unsatisfied. News programs are created with the single goal of stirring our emotions. Do we really need dissatisfaction and stirred up emotions as part of our daily lives? We may think we have control over it, but I truly question that.

I challenge you to give up all television for just one month. This may sound like a big request, but I believe it takes that long to get over the addiction. Do this and be amazed at how shocked you are when you see television again after your long break from it. Take this challenge and you’ll discover that television is far worse than you imagined. Come on, you can do it! Find out how many useful things you can do with all that extra time you’ll gain. Put the treasure of your time into something with eternal value. You’ll be so thankful that you did!